Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Boeing 787 Dreamliner's Kerala connection

Kochi: A husband and wife from Kerala were part of the team that realised the new Boeing-787 dreamliner which successfully completed its first test flight last week.
Rajagopal Mangalasserry who hails from Kozhikode was part of the Boeing project for the past one year. Rajagopal worked as a structural engineer with the mid-body integration group of the 787 aircraft while his wife Jayalaxmi was initially involved in the 787 project as a software engineer.
"It was an exciting project because it used a new technology,"Rajagopal who holds a master’s degree in structural analysis told Manoramaonline in an email interview. The 787 which uses a carbon-based plastic and titanium composite is considered more than 20 per cent fuel efficeint than comparable aircrafts.
The 787, according to reports can also carry 40 per cent more cargo.
22/12/09 The Week