Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Air India lacks sensitivity

Mangalore: Air India and its solicitor Hoshang D Nanavati may pat themselves for having disbursed compensation to the kith and kin of 152 victims of the IX 812 Air Indian Express crash. The matter was closed in less than 15 meetings within the Montreal Convention’s two year limit. The Mangalore Aircraft Victims Families Association criticised the process and said, “Air India and its solicitors cannot overlook the fact that the kin are sad from the day they lost their dear ones in the crash on May 22, 2010. The entire negotiation process with the families lacked sensitivity, legality and sanctity.”
“Relatives were summoned to the negotiation table over the phone and a package was fixed which failed to commensurate the void, in particular of earning members. They were also secretive about the entire process, refusing to divulge details of compensation released family-wise.”
22/05/12 New Indian Express/IBN Live