Sunday, March 10, 2013

Travel advisory in the offing for Tamil Nadu?

The External Affairs Ministry insinuated taking a ‘wait and watch’ approach before issuing a travel advisory on Tamil Nadu in light of the recent attacks against Sri Lankan establishments.
“We are consulting with Indian authorities and have decided not to issue a travel advisory at this point as yet,” said Rodney Perera, Director General at the Communication Division at the External Affairs Ministry. “The Indian government has assured us of the safety and security of Sri Lankans there.”
The latest development in the spate of attacks against Sri Lankan interests came this week when the Asian Grand Prix declared a change in venue to Colombo when the TN government refused to host Sri Lankan athletes on political grounds.
The Mihin Lanka office in Madurai came under attack last week when a group of six Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) broke in vandalizing property. It was revealed during investigations that the attack had been carried out by LTTE sympathizers.
Meanwhile in February, the Bank of Ceylon office in Chennai was attacked when mob of 15 people, carrying iron rods and wooden sticks stormed into office vandalizing property.
In an unrelated incident, when images of the alleged killing of slain LTTE Chief V.Prabhakaran surfaced, the Sri Lankan Airlines office was unidentified persons pelted stones at the building damaging its glass panes.
10/03/13  Rukshana Rizwie/Nation