Tuesday, May 07, 2013

DGCA fiat to aircraft over emissions

Mumbai:  To reduce carbon emissions, the DGCA has directed that aircraft either be towed out of the runway or it should taxi on one engine instead of two.
In a May 2 circular, the DGCA observed that hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide emissions tend to be peculiarly high while aircraft is taxiing on the surface. This affects the local air quality. Hence, two approaches have been listed for all aircraft to follow. Airlines and airports can introduce "dispatch towing" where high-speed tugs can push the aircraft between parking bays and runways.
"Such tugs have already been tested and are being used by many countries," states the circular. The DGCA said aircraft can also use only one engine (in case of a twin engine aircraft) while taxiing.
07/05/13 Chinmayi Shalya/Times of India