Sunday, June 16, 2013

120 Air India fliers spend night on grounded plane as pilots don’t turn up

Mumbai: One hundred and twenty passengers were forced to spend Friday night on a grounded Air India flight to Singapore, and the next morning at the terminal, as the pilots didn't turn up and the airline didn't provide them lodging.
The passengers, one of whom was pregnant, boarded AI Flight 342 at Mumbai International Airport around 11.50 pm Friday, and were not allowed to deplane till at least 3 am. The plane was scheduled to take off at 12.15 am, but in the absence of the pilots, the cabin crew couldn't turn on the AC, and refused requests to open the doors.
To add to the passengers' woes, they weren't given anything to eat, and even water was in limited supply. Many of them had to wait more than 14 hours at the airport, before they were accommodated on other flights. Deprived of sleep and filled with anger, the passengers kept waiting for announcements, but the elderly and the children suffered the most.
16/06/13 Yogesh Sadhwani & Bipin Kumar Singh/Mumbai Mirror