Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fly for only OMR1 to Mumbai now

Muscat: It appears that a battle for the Muscat–Mumbai skies has broken out. After a year of shrinking air travel, airlines are now removing all stops to woo travellers.
India's premiere airline, IndiGo, has slashed fares on the Mumbai-Muscat sector to OMR1 (excluding taxes) for a one-way journey, which may trigger a price war in this sector.
Mumbai is an important destination for all the Indian carriers as well as Oman Air. As the financial capital of India, it has connecting flights and train services to almost all cities.
According to travel agents based in Muscat, while the regular promotional base fare is only OMR2, the taxes component is OMR62.950 on a return air ticket, which includes fuel and transaction charge of OMR48.150, passenger service fee of OMR6, and a user development fee of OMR8.800.
"They have launched special promotional fares, since they are going for daily flights from Muscat," opined one travel agent.
In season, the return fare for Muscat–Mumbai hovers around OMR130 (including taxes).
16/06/13 Times of India