Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jet sends full-service fliers on low-cost flight, then denies them meals

Mumbai: Passengers who had bought tickets on a full service Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Delhi on June 20 have alleged that the company's ground staff persuaded them to board a low-cost JetKonnect flight instead and, once they were airborne, denied them hot meals and beverages.
According to a complaint to the airline by Yuvraj Mehta, who was booked on the 7 am Jet Airways flight 9W-301, passengers who arrived early at 5:30 am were persuaded to take the 6:35 am JetKonnect flight S2-4108. Though there is no official figure of how many passengers were asked to take the earlier flight, some fliers said there were at least 15 of them.
"We weren't told it was low-cost flight and several of us agreed thinking we will reach Delhi earlier," said Mehta, a top executive with a leading infrastructure company. "It was only when the boarding pass was issued that I realised it was a no-frills flight."
22/06/13  Aditya Anand/Mumbai Mirror