Sunday, July 14, 2013

Missed connecting flight? Airlines to bear the brunt

Mumbai: In a relief to fliers, the national consumer commission has held that it is the airline's responsibility to schedule your itinerary in such a way that you don't miss connecting flights on the same airline. The national commission directed Jet Airways to pay Rs 75,000 and refund the tickets' cost to a senior citizen couple who missed their connecting flight from Mumbai to Hong Kong in 2010. The couple had flown on the airline's flight from Jaipur to Mumbai.
"If Jet Airways schedules a flight to land at one airport at a particular time and another connecting flight to take off at a particular time, it must provide for time required in all functions, including security, immigration and air traffic management, which are necessarily concerned with or mandated for such landing and departure. The travelling public is in no way responsible for delay caused by any of them," stated the National Consumer Disputes Commission.
14/07/13 Rebecca Samervel/Times of India