Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shocker from Hajj Committee of India

Srinagar: What has come as a `shocker, the Hajj pilgrims from J&K who are going for repeat pilgrimage this year as companion/mehram will have to pay highest airfare, almost double to what aspirants from other Indian states are being charged.
As against the subsidy for the first-time Hajjis who are being charged Rs 28000 as airfare, the ‘repeater Hajjis’ from Jammu and Kashmir will have to pay Rs 1,54,000 for the travel while those from most other states are being charged around Rs 70,000.
The formal announcement in this regard made Friday by the State Hajj Committee has triggered massive resentment from the stated-based Hajjis who accuse the government of fleecing the people of Jammu and Kashmir even for holy pilgrimage. The central government has reduced the airfare subsidy on Hajj to mere one pilgrimage. But J&K seems to be bearing the brunt while many of the aspirants from the State are feared to miss the world’s biggest pilgrimage because of “undue airfare hike”.
13/07/13 M Hyderi/Greater Kashmir