Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pilot enters aircraft sans security pass, delays flight

Mumbai: A GoAir airline pilot is being investigated in a case of serious violation for allegedly entering a Chennai-bound aircraft just on the basis of a boarding pass instead of his Airport Entry Pass (AEP). This delayed the flight by 11 minutes.
The pilot claimed that the breach happened because he forgot his AEP at home in Thane. He asked a family member to bring it to the airport. He operated the flight after receiving the pass. For a pilot to gain access to the aircraft, an AEP, which is issued by the civil aviation ministry, is a must. The pass allows a pilot access to all areas of the airport as well as the aircraft, including the cockpit. It gives him/her the highest security clearance. Airport sources said the incident happened recently with GoAir flight 303, which departs at 6.20pm.
A senior Directorate General of Civil Aviation official observed that the pilot’s action was a serious violation of rule 90 of the Indian Aircraft Rules, 1937. “A thorough probe is a must to get to the bottom of the incident,” the official added.
13/08/13 Shahkar Abidi/Daily News & Analysis