Sunday, August 18, 2013

Two women arrested for trying to smuggle gold worth Rs 26.4 lakh

Mumbai: In separate cases, two female foreigners have been arrested from the international airport in Mumbai for allegedly trying to smuggle in 987.48 grams of gold valued at Rs 26.4 lakh from Iran and Sri Lanka, a senior Customs official said on Saturday.
According to Customs, passenger Farahnaz Gholamhossein, holding an Iranian passport, arrived on an Iran air flight and cleared herself through a Green Channel. As she arrived at 2B arrival hall, she was intercepted on suspicion and examination of her hand baggage resulted in recovery of assorted gold jewellery weighing 399.78 grams and valued at Rs.10.69 lakh. The gold was concealed in a bundle of Iranian breads and in cavity pocket of a jacket in her hand.
 In the second case, passenger Samsiya Mahammooddu lebbee, holding Sri Lankan passport, arrived on a Sri Lankan airlines flight from Colombo yesterday and was intercepted near Exit Gate. She was found in possession of 587.7 grams of gold jewellery valued at about Rs 15.71 lacs.
18/08/13 PTI/IBN Live