Friday, October 21, 2016

Businessman who ‘rents drones for movie shoots’, two employees held

Mumbai: The Mumbai Police Crime Branch arrested three persons for using drones in the Charkop area, a day after a person alerted the police on Twitter about drones flying in the area for the past few months. While one of the accused is a businessman who rents drones for movie shoots, the other two are his employees who would carry out sorties in the Charkop area with a video-recorder attached to the drones as trial runs to see the areas that could be video-graphed. Under law, one needs prior permission of the police to use drones.
Those arrested are Vidhichand Jaiswal, 45, the businessman who owns the drones, Rahul Jaiswal, 24, and Rana Singh, 25, the employees who were conducting the sorties. Police said a person tweeted to the city police that every morning some people were flying drones at a ground behind a bus depot in Charkop.
The Crime Branch then formed a team and, on Thursday, found two men flying drones that had a recording device attached to it. Police said Rahul and Rana also had an iPad that had clips of the nearby sea and land captured by the cameras fitted on the drones. Their owner Jaiswal, who lives near the ground, too was summoned.
21/10/16 Indian Express