Saturday, October 22, 2016

Compensation & rehab package for Purandar villagers to be declared soon

The rehabilitation and compensation package for the landowners in Purandar, where the new international airport is expected to come up, will be announced in 15 days' time, senior officials of the Maharashtra Airport Development Company Limited have said.
Speaking to TOI on Friday, Vishwas M Patil, vicechairman and managing director, MADC, said teams were studying the rehabilitation and compensation packages adopted by other cities and states for their respective airports. Similar packages will be offered to Purandar landowners.
"The team which had gone to study the Amravati model will return to the city late on Friday evening and submit its report. Another team will be leaving for Kochi next week, while the model adopted for Navi Mumbai airport will also be looked into. The final compensation and rehabilitation package will be announced within 15 days. The benefit of peasants is of utmost importance and it cannot be compromised," Pa til said.
Officials from MADC said a techno-economic feasibility study of the project will be done by the MADC soon and the final report, which can also be said to be the detailed project report, would take more than six months to be ready.
An official, who requested anonymity, said the Pune airport was expected to be built on the lines of the Navi Mumbai airport as far as the infrastructure and costing was concerned. "The complete study and approvals from ministries concerned will take almost a year. The obstacle limitation survey (OLS) will start within a fortnight, but it will take around 40 days before the report comes in. Since the airport will be built on a public-private partnership basis, the project needs to be a bankable one. It should be profitable and, hence, the cost factor for the Pune airport is difficult to be provided for now. If one is talking about two runways and a terminal building, like the one in Navi Mumbai, in Pune it can be scaled down a bit more," the official said.
22/10/16 Joy Sengupta/The Times Of India