Thursday, October 27, 2016

Four flights diverted from Goa airport due to fog

Foggy conditions continued to put a dampener on landing and take-off operations at Goa International Airport on Wednesday with four flights being diverted and several other flights delayed. Airports Authority of India officials said that visibility at the Indian Navy-controlled airport fell well below the norm for airline pilots to land using the instrument landing system.
Flights have been delayed on a daily-basis since October 2 due to thick fog around the airport but sources said that the situation was never as extreme as on Wednesday.
"There have been several delays in the last few days due to fog. The instrument landing system (ILS) is available but visibility falls well below that. It is below the criteria for ILS landing," airport director B C H Negi said.
While all the early morning flights were delayed, four domestic flights had to be diverted to Bengaluru delaying holiday and business plans for hundreds of passengers. Goa International Airport does not have its own weather station and relies of the India Meteorological department for weather reports.
Air Asia flight I51324 from Bengaluru to Goa, scheduled to land at 6.05am, had to return to Bengaluru after circling multiple times over Goa. The flight finally landed at 12.40pm. The Bengaluru-Goa IndiGo Airlines flight 6E479 was also diverted to Bengaluru along with Jet Airways 9W446 and 9W479.
27/10/16 Newton Sequeira/The Times Of India