Monday, October 31, 2016

On Diwali, Mumbai airport played host to the big four

Mumbai airport celebrated Diwali with Germany’s flag carrier, Lufthansa operating the jumbo Boeing 747-800 double-deck aircraft, making it the only airport in India to handle four Code–F flights, the largest civilian aircraft, in a single day.

Currently, the airport handles three Airbus 380 aircrafts operated by Etihad, Emirates and Singapore Airlines from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Singapore respectively. From today, Frankfurt too will be connected to Mumbai through the Boeing 747-800, an aircraft with a seating capacity of 364 passengers.

A Lufthansa spokesperson said that by flying this aircraft, it was making a step towards having a three-litre fleet (per passenger and 100 kilometres). The aircraft is 15 per cent more fuel-efficient than its predecessor model and, as a result, its CO2 emissions are around 15 per cent lower. The noise footprint of the B747-800 also is 30 per cent less than the older Boeing 747-400. The aircraft will offer on-board internet.

Joining Lufthansa in the Diwali launch at Mumbai airport were Air France and Air China flying the Boeing 777-200 to Paris and Air Bus 330-300 to Beijing respectively. “Lufthansa and Air France, operating daily flights from Mumbai, will together have the capacity to carry more than 600 passengers on a single trip. Air China, on the other hand, with a capacity of close to 300 passengers, will operate a non-stop flight to Beijing on alternate days,” a Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL) spokesperson said.
31/10/16 Aditya Anand/Mumbai Mirror