Monday, October 31, 2016

Stir over land compensation - Karipur airport expansion project hits `relief' hurdle

Malappuram: Protests by residents continue to hamper land acquisition process for the development of Karipur airport despite the government giving its sanction for purchasing 485 acres in the region. On October 24, the government issued an order granting permission to the collector for land purchase and appointed the Centre for Management Studies for studying the project's social impact. However, the residents have been protesting over the lack of clarity on the compensation package.
As per the order, 248.3 acres of land will be acquired from Pulikkal, Kondotty and Nediyirupp villages for the development of the runway and 80 acres will be acquired from the same panchayat for rehabilitation of evictees. About 137 acres would be acquired from Pallikkal village for the development of the terminal.The evictees will be rehabilitated in 20 acres acquired in Pallikkal panchayat as well. Though the government has granted its sanction, it would be a herculean task for revenue authorities to acquire land as local-level action councils have made it clear that they will not even allow officials to visit the region for verifying the lands until they get a clear idea about the relief packages.
31/10/16 Times of India