Saturday, October 22, 2016

Touch our feet and apologize: Air India flyers served non-veg

Deeply offended to find chicken in their vegetarian meals, passengers on a Shanghai-Delhi-Mumbai Air India flight made a huge hue and cry about the airline's goof-up. Refusing to settle for repeated apologies from senior crew members of the airline, the irate passengers eventually demanded that the crew members should touch their feet and apologise. While the national carrier's in-flight crew bore the brunt of the agitated flyers, the blame rested on the Chinese caterer who uploaded the meals at Shanghai's Pudong airport.

The incident occurred on September 25, minutes after the crew served dinner to the largely-Indian passengers onboard. In his flight report filed with the airline, crew member S C Rupani reported that the situation got aggressive at one point and the captain had to be informed about it, who in turn informed security officials to be ready when the plane landed at Delhi airport. While the vegetarian meals uploaded in Shanghai had red foils, the non-vegetarian meals with chicken had the green foils. "When a family seated in the economy section brought this to our notice, we immediately apologised and changed the entire meal of the group," Rupani said in his report, adding that within minutes a few other passengers complained about meat in their meals. Even as the crew members were changing the meals, some flyers got irritated. "The moment one of them announced that beef had been served to them, many of the flyers got agitated and things got out of hand," Rupani said in his report.
22/10/16 DNA