Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wolf saved from well near airport site

Even as the Dhangar community and conservationists have been raising concerns against the proposed airport at Purandar, a sub-adult Indian Wolf was rescued from a well, located about 3km from the survey zone, on Wednesday afternoon.
Despite the animal being a schedule-1 protected species, no effort has been made as yet for its conservation.
Ironically, the Dhangar community, whose livestock the wolves prey upon, It was ironic that the Dhangar community, whose livestock wolves prey on, had provided the equipment to rescue the animal on Wednesday afternoon.
According to conservation expert Mihir Godbole, on Wednesday around 8.30am, farm labourers were surprised to find a wolf struggling in a 30-foot well to find footing in the water of a 30-foot well on their farm in Kunjirwadi at 8.30am on Wednesday. They were in the vicinity to inspect a power cord, which was possibly cut as the wolf fell into the well. The workers immediately informed the farm owner, who in turn called the forest department's local staff upon reaching the spot around 9.30am.
"The local forest staff and officer had reached the spot and suspended a carton into the well so that the wolf could climb into it. However, the animal seemed to have been in the water since late on Tuesday night and could barely keep its snout out of the water. It could not get into the carton," said Godbole told TOI.
27/10/16 Abhishek Samuel/The Times Of India