Sunday, November 13, 2016

AAI breaks old ground for parking

Goodbye, airport parking woes — Pune Airport authorities will raze to the occasion, demolishing an abandoned office to make space for more four-wheelers on its premises.
“In addition to the parking facility located within the airport gates, we are trying to create more space for vehicles. The existing space is not adequate, especially during peak hours. We are expecting to complete work by the end of December to provide an extra space for parking more vehicles,” said Pune Airport director Ajay Kumar.
There are three parking areas available in front of the entry and exit gates of the airport. During the peak hours, long snarls await fliers trying to enter the departure bay of the airport. The available space at the entry gate of the airport is around 50 metres. At present, four-wheelers and two-wheelers can enter the airport premises and there is a parking facility for them there but, according to officials from the airport, that is not sufficient. Hence, the erstwhile administration building, which has been lying defunct for the last three years, is to be brought down.
13/11/16 Sushant Ranjan/Pune Mirror