Tuesday, November 29, 2016

AAI’s land conversion hits an ‘air pocket’?

Stressing on the need to construct various projects planned earlier as part of the expansion of Dabolim Airport, the director of Airport Authority of India (AAI) Goa airport BCH Negi on Monday claimed that AAI has not received any communication from the state government rejecting AAI’s proposal for conversion of land acquired for parking under survey number 9/1-A.
According to Negi,  at the time of implementing expansion plans for Dabolim Airport, AAI had requested for over 16 acres of land for the construction of a parking lot and other allied infrastructural facilities for the airport,  including barracks to accommodate Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), besides armoury/ammunition stores, dog kennel, aviation tanks, refuelling stations, warehouse etc.
He said the former state government had identified the land in three different patches; under survey numbers 8/1, 9/1-A, however a major portion of the acquired land under survey number 8/1 was de-notified in February 2011.
“After this de-notification, we were left with only two patches of plot and both these properties are located besides the railway line. Also, at the time of forwarding our proposal for land requirement on city side, we had clearly mentioned that we would be constructing other allied amenities for the airport besides the parking lot, however,  when the notification for the same was issued, they wrongly mentioned it for "parking" and thus before going ahead with the proposed project on the land available with us, we decided to ask for conversion of land so that we could construct important amenities, including CISF barracks, armory, aviation fuel tanks, refuelling stations, warehouse, cargo house etc” Negi said.
29/11/16 Herald