Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Did chopper force push them down?

Bengaluru: The chopper rotor spinning at a high velocity over the surface water of the T.G. Halli reservoir would have created a downward thrust on those who jumped into the waters, say aviation experts.

Wg. Cdr. G.B. Athri (retd) said even Air Force personnel do not jump from such heights and it was a foolish stunt to do without safety gears. “When they jumped into the water, they would be pushed down to a certain depth after which they should have bounced back to the surface. But without a life jacket, that might have been difficult,” he said.

Aviation expert Devesh Agarwal, however, said the video shows the two actors at the surface trying to swim, indicating that they hit back to the surface but lost the fight only later. “But this stunt is plain stupidity, which should have been avoided,” he said.
09/11/16 The Hindu