Friday, November 04, 2016

Girl from Raipur meets PM, demands air services to Surat

Surat: An eight-year-old girl from Raipur, Devanshi Nathani, has become famous on social media for presenting a hand written letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, demanding flight service from Raipur to Surat, during his visit at Naya Raipur two days ago.
Devanshi's grandparents live in Surat and she visits them during summer vacations. She got a chance to meet PM during his visit to Naya Raipur and she grabbed the opportunity to present him with a giant lotus and a letter written in the mixture of Hindi and English to drive home her point of providing flight services.
In the letter, Devanshi addressed PM as Nanaji (maternal grandfather) because he hails from Gujarat. She wrote, "Happy Diwali dear Nanaji. Meeting you was my dream come true, because you are from Gujarat and my grandparents, too, are from Surat in Gujarat. So, you are like my Nanaji. Nanji, please start an airport in Surat so that it would be easier for me to visit my grandparents."
04/10/16 Melvyn Reggie Thomas/Times of India