Friday, November 04, 2016

Glass breaks at airport: What’s cooking?

Chennai: "Of the four pillars of democracy namely legislature, judiciary, executive and journalism, the last one is unfortunately not accountable, at least in our case," says Deepak Shastri, Director of Chennai Airport.

He made this comment when 'News Today' approached him for clarifications, with the media reporting the '71st glass-break at the airport' on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, Shastri took to Twitter to say: Clarify, not fallen, broken accidently. appreciate, if it's verified before. Causes avoidable negativity thanks.

Quite seriously, he recalled to 'News Today' how in a film a Tamil comedian walked through the lobby of the airport wearing a helmet poking fun at the glass-break incidents, illustrating how media exaggerates things.

Glasses have been breaking in Chennai airport since 2013. There are nearly 20,000 glass panels in the airport, he pointed out. The glazing work was undertaken by a Singapore-based company, which began it in 2011 and completed in May 2012, says a report submitted by IIT-Madras which was roped in to investigate the glass break cases.

The chemical composition of glass caused the problems, says the report. "If we overall assess the situation, out of total 43 incidents, 16 incidents are due to human error and balance 27 incidents have taken place due to chemical composition," adds the report.

It cites the ‘unavoidable’ inclusion of nickel sulphide - small particles that infect the glass melt inside the furnace during manufacture. The total number of glass-break accidents, according to the report and Shastri, is not 71 but 43. The director says that the contractor was also questioned and penalised for bad workmanship.
04/11/16 Vinitha T S/News Today