Friday, November 04, 2016

Gold bars worth Rs 1.65crore found taped to seat on Abu Dhabi flight

Bengaluru: Busting a novel method of gold smuggling, sleuths from the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) found gold bars weighing 5.248kg taped to the underside of a seat cushion in the economy section of an international airliner. Acting on a tipoff, a team of the Bengaluru Zonal Unit intercepted a passenger who disembarked from a flight which landed from Abu Dhabi around 3.25am Thursday. They found 45 bars of gold, each weighing 116 gm, estimated to be worth over Rs 1.65 crore. Investigators learnt that the 50-year-old man, acting as a carrier for the smugglers, was ordered to leave immediately after landing. He had possibly pasted the package under the seat when the carrier was dimly lit, and other passengers were asleep. "We strongly suspect the role of some airport staff who would have been assigned to remove the smuggled gold from the seat, and later hand them over to a member of the smuggling ring. A probe is on," a DRI official added.
04/11/16 Petlee Peter/Times of India