Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Gold seized from aircraft, Spicejet crew faces wrath

The customs officials are now planning to scan the profiles of the airline staff, including the cabin crew and pilots of SpiceJet, who are operating flights from Dubai to Pune. The decision has been taken after gold bars were seized back-to-back from aircraft arriving from Dubai.

On Sunday, the customs officials at the Pune airport, Lohegaon, seized one kilogram gold bar worth Rs 31 lakh. The gold bar was found beneath a seat of a Spice Jet aircraft, which arrived from Dubai.

Officials claim that hiding illegal imports beneath seats of aircraft is a new modus operandi of smugglers coming from Dubai.

“Within two weeks, we have recovered around 10.1kilogram gold bars worth Rs 3.11 crore from inside aircraft. This time, the gold bar was hidden below the passenger seat. On October 26, we recovered 10 gold bars worth Rs 2.8 crore, which were found inside the rear toilet of the aircraft arriving from Dubai,” a customs official said.

“Mostly, the passengers, who are involved in the illegal imports of gold, try to hide the bars in their handbags or trolley bags. But, in these two cases, we found that the gold bars were hidden inside the aircraft.
09/11/16 Pune Mirror