Monday, November 14, 2016

Indigo flight fails to land in Mumbai twice

There was a huge commotion in the Goa to Mumbai Indigo flight after the pilot failed to land twice in Mumbai by almost reaching the runway on Sunday afternoon. The passengers panicked when the pilot did not give any confirmation as they were flown to Vadodara and were later brought back in evening.

The Goa to Mumbai flight (6E) 438 scheduled at 1.55pm and was to arrive at the domestic airport in Mumbai at 3.10pm which got delayed by 10 minutes. When the pilot reached the runway, he was unable to land and made a runaround when the announcement was made for the passengers. The second attempt failed too and they f as no announcement was made as they dlown to Vadodara.

“The first time the landing was very close and we were just around 40 meters from the touchdown but the pilot did not land and again took off”, said Dinesh Chauhan, the passenger from the Indigo flight and a Chembur resident.
14/11/16 Imran Fazal/DNA