Monday, November 21, 2016

Monkeys on runway, SpiceJet plane forced to abort take-off at Ahmedabad

Wildlife on runways continues to threaten air travellers in India. In the most recent incident, a SpiceJet Boeing 737 had to abort take-off in Ahmedabad on Sunday after some monkeys were spotted on the runway. Luckily, the plane stopped in time and no one was reportedly injured.
"Our Boeing 737-800 operating as SG 501 from Ahmedabad to Chennai was rolling for take off when the air traffic control (ATC) contacted the pilots and told them that there were monkeys on the runway. The plane had just begun take-off roll and was able to stop safely," a SpiceJet spokesman said.
In the past too, low cost carrier SpiceJet has suffered due to presence of wildlife on runways and it, along with other airlines, has taken up the issue repeatedly with both the Airports Authority of India and Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
20/11/16 Saurabh Sinha/The Times Of India