Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pilot dazed by blue beam

Chennai: A Jet Airways flight from Delhi made a hard landing at Chennai airport on Monday night after a bright blue beam of light momentarily blinded the pilot and left him disoriented.

Airport sources said the blue beam, most likely a laser, swept through the pilot's cabin just as the Boeing 737, carrying 148 passengers, was landing at 8.45pm.

"The pilot claimed the light was so bright it not only filled his low-lit cabin but also blinded him and the co-pilot for a few seconds. This resulted in the aircraft landing with a thud," an air traffic control official (ATC) said.

The plane, however, came to a halt without any further incident. The pilot immediately lodged a complaint with the ATC over the radio and later submitted a written complaint that the light had emanated from a hill to the east of the runway.
15/11/16 Telegraph