Thursday, December 01, 2016

Wing tips of two taxiing planes collide at Mumbai Airport

In a freak ground incident, the wing tips of two aircraft -- one reportedly stationary and the other taxiing -- collided at Mumbai Airport on Wednesday. This happened when the wings of an incoming Kuwait Airways wide body aircraft and an outbound IndiGo narrow body aircraft clipped before 6 am, much before sunrise when it was still dark.
IndiGo Airbus A-320 (VT-IFP)'s sharklet -portion curved at the tip of aircraft wing — was damaged by the impact. The plane returned to the terminal and had to be grounded. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is probing this incident.
In a statement, IndiGo said: "IndiGo confirms that the wing tip of its Airbus A-320 aircraft came in contact with the wing tip of the Airbus A-330 - a wide body aircraft of an international operator -- while taxing at the Mumbai airport Wednesday morning. At about 5:45 am, while the aircraft of this international airline was taxing toward the parking stand, at the same time an IndiGo flight (6E 207) was taxing to depart to Jaipur from taxi way 'N' and 'W' respectively.... under air traffic control's (ATC) instruction."
"IndiGo pilot was advised to follow the international operator arrival. Approximately at 5.45 am, the pilot of this international airline was advised by the ATC to move ahead to make way for IndiGo aircraft. As per (rules), while an aircraft is on taxiway N, Taxiway W4 must not be permitted to use as standard wingtip clearance is not met. The (rule) guidelines manual reads - the aircraft holding on taxiway W4 at holding position runway 14/32 will prohibit aircraft taxing on taxiway N. Hence, due to the taxing process, the Airbus 320 aircraft of IndiGo came in contact with Airbus A330 aircraft of the international operator," IndiGo said.
30/11/16 Saurabh Sinha/The Times Of India