Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Panel for e-platform to push air cargo biz

“In India, to facilitate the Ease of Doing Business, it is recognised that an electronic platform be put in place to digitise key stakeholder interactions,” said the Report of the Committee on a National Air Cargo Community System.

This electronic platform can allow the reusability of data, thereby eliminating duplicate data entry, reducing unnecessary paperwork by giving authorised access to data to the relevant supply chain stakeholder, and bringing in supply chain visibility, reducing inventory and other transaction costs related to air cargo movement as a result, it said.

Acknowledging that the Indian air cargo industry is poised for significant growth through initiatives like ‘Make in India’, it said the ministry understands the need to have a single window for the air cargo community, which will interface with Indian Customs’ single window and facilitate seamless movement of goods and information.
10/01/17 Shemin Joy/Deccan Herald