Thursday, February 23, 2017

Chandigarh Now Has 15 Flights a Day for New Delhi

Chandigarh to New Delhi air route has become all the more busy as there are now 15 flights between the 2 destinations on a daily basis. This number is almost at par with Volvo buses between the two cities and much higher than the number of trains between Chandigarh & Delhi.
Earlier there were just 8 flights but from 20th Feb, 2017, the total number of flights have increased to 15. The 7 new flights between Chandigarh & New Delhi have been started by Jet Airways.
Many people used to travel to Delhi from Chandigarh for some of the either reasons, be it for business or to board an International flight from the Delhi International Airport. Taking it into consideration, different companies have proposed to fly more flights between both the cities.
23/02/17 Gurjit Kaur/Chandigarh Metro