Sunday, February 12, 2017

Passenger who opened emergency chute released on surety

Mumbai: A passenger onboard an IndiGo flight who was taken into custody for opening the emergency chute of the Chandigarh-bound aircraft resulting in an injury to a co-passenger, was today released on surety, police said.
Akshay Rameshkumar Mohan (31) was released on surety of Rs 15,000 by Airport Police as it was a bailable offence, Alka Mandave, Senior Police Inspector of Airport Police Station said. The incident happened Friday when the flight was getting ready to depart for Chandigarh.
According to the airline, just after boarding was completed, a passenger seated on seat number 12C suddenly opened the emergency exit door and inflated the slide resulting in injury to a co-passenger. Akshay was booked under relevant section of the IPC and for violation of Aircraft Rules, 1937.
11/02/17 PTI/Indian Express