Friday, February 10, 2017

That's a close shave: Alert Najafgarh resident saves 193 passengers on board GoAir Airbus which caught fire seven minutes after takeoff

Navneet Kumar was resting inside his aunt's house in southwest Delhi's Najafgarh area when two of his nephews who were playing outside ran in frantically.
They had seen a plane, mid-air, on fire.
'I immediately came out of the house and saw flames had engulfed the left engine,' the Gurugram resident told Mail Today.
'I was in shock for a moment and so were the others present there. I realised that a massive tragedy would occur if steps were not taken immediately.
'I immediately dialed 100 on my mobile phone to inform police about the incident.'
The 187 passengers and six crew members on board the Bengaluru-bound Airbus A320 of GoAir (G8 557) had a narrow escape after the plane caught fire just seven minutes after takeoff from Delhi airport on Wednesday evening.
By the time, the pilot had informed Air Traffic Control (ATC) and the plane made an emergency landing without any casualties.
10/02/17 Ajay Kumar/Mail Online India