Friday, March 24, 2017

Air India passenger jet is 'grounded at Heathrow as it's hit by a BIRD in mid-air causing a massive dent to the nose'

A passenger jet has been grounded after a bird slammed into in mid-air causing damage to the nose of the plane.
The Air India flight from Ahmedabad to London via Newark suffered a bird strike, forcing the airline to cancel its return journey from Heathrow.
The bird slammed into the plane and dented the nose and the radar antenna.
The plane landed at 10.39am yesterday but the airline was forced to cancel the next leg of the return flight to Ahmedabad in Gujarat while repairs were carried out.
Following the incident a picture emerged of the damage to the front of the plane.
Of the 230 passengers on board flying to Newark, 50 were put on another flight.
Aviation expert Adrian Gjertsen told MailOnline that such incidents are fairly common.
He said: 'They are a sufficiently common occurence known as bird strikes.
'When they hit the nose it can shatter the nose dome and birds can even damage the edge of the wings if they hit the wrong spot.
'A worst case scenario would be a large bird, like a Canada Goose, slamming into the engines - that can cause serious damage.'
He added that most airports have departments with bird scaring devices because such incidents are most likely to take place at an airport.
23/03/17 Keiligh Baker/Daily Mail