Saturday, March 11, 2017

Airline messes up timing of return flight, leaves 40 pilgrims in the lurch

Mumbai: A group of 135 passengers, who had bought tickets on an IndiGo return flight between Indore and Jammu, has found out days before their travel that that the airline had messed up their travel plan.
The group had planned a pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi shrine. On December 10, 135 seats were booked on the Indore-Delhi-Jammu flight scheduled on March 11. The group was to reach Vaishno Devi on the night of March 11, visit the shrine the next morning and on the same day, take a return flight to Indore leaving Jammu at 4.15 pm.
"We learnt last evening (March 9) that IndiGo had booked 40 of the 135 passengers on a different flight from Jammu. Instead of the 4.15 pm departure that they had been booked on, the airline moved them to an earlier flight scheduled to depart at 1.35 pm,'' said Puneet Agarwal, a businessman from Indore who had booked the seats. "This leaves us with barely any time to visit the shrine in the morning. What's the point of the trip then?" he said, adding that the airline changed their flights without informing them. "We wanted to make a complaint to a nodal officer or an adjudicator. But when we call on the number listed by the airline, the call gets transferred to customer care."
TOI sent a questionnaire to IndiGo, but there was no response from the airline till the time of going to the press.
11/03/17 Times of India