Saturday, March 18, 2017

Drunk flyer arrested from Mumbai airport for ‘misbehaviour’

AN INEBRIATED man flying from Dubai Thursday morning was arrested after he allegedly misbehaved with a woman passenger onboard and later harassed a woman immigration officer after alighting at the Mumbai airport. Before being subdued, he reportedly grappled with another immigration officer, recorded the melee on his cellphone and threatened to post it on social media.

The flyer, identified by the police as Kolshewadi, Kalyan resident Darshan Hathnolkar (32), flew in from Dubai on a SpiceJet flight early Thursday morning. The police said that after the flight landed in Mumbai, he joined the queue of Indian passengers at the immigration counter. As a woman officer examined his passport, Hathnolkar allegedly stared fixedly at her, leading the officer to drop her gaze and continue her examination. When the officer dropped eye contact, Hathnolkar allegedly told her to look up at him. “Don’t be shy, look at me,” said Hathnolkar according to the police complaint.
When the officer ignored him, Hathnolkar allegedly told her once more to look up at him and was ordered to shut up by an officer at the next counter. According to the police, the immigration officer notified a senior official and Hathnolkar was escorted to the office of an immigration supervisor.
18/03/17 Srinath Rao/The Indian Express