Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Everything you need to know about JetScreen, the in-flight entertainment service from Jet Airways

Air travel usually involves a lot of fun and excitement. The joy of soaring in the skies, hovering above cloud cover is unparalleled in any of the other modes of transport currently available. But once your flight has attained designated flight altitude, which stays steady, there’s not much to do. For years, long haul international flights had in-flight entertainment facilities. These allow you to watch movies or popular TV series. Even listen to some music or play games. Vistara did offer a similar service, but the devices were provided by the airline. But in today’s day and age where devices with passengers is a given, Jet Airways introduced its in-flight entertainment (IFE) service called JetScreen. The service is live on most routes the airline operates on.
What’s different about JetScreen is that you no longer have TV screens in front of your seat. Instead, it lets you stream audio and video content directly to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Jet Airways claims the service has about 220 hours of digital content.
On my recent Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Nagpur, I had a chance to try it out. And while it was available on the Mumbai-Nagpur route, I wasn’t so lucky while returning back. Here’s my first impressions about the JetScreen service. ALSO READ: Indian government could soon allow use of Wi-Fi, mobile phones on flights.
13/03/17 Ritesh Bendre/BGR