Monday, March 13, 2017

Independant Manipur MLA Ashab Uddin ‘abducted’ from airport

Guwahati: A newly-elected Manipur MLA, who could tip the scale either way, was untraceable on Sunday evening and the Congress alleged he was “abducted” by the BJP.

Independent MLA, Ashab Uddin, had landed at Imphal’s Tulihal airport from Guwahati. Soon after landing, he was allegedly detained by the CISF personnel on duty.

When asked by The New Indian Express, a CISF inspector at the airport first refused to give any comments saying “we have been given instructions” (by top officials) not to talk on the issue. On being pressed, he said the MLA was not detained and that the allegation was false. Later, the Congress alleged the MLA was “abducted” and taken to Kolkata by the BJP.

The party said Ashab Uddin had come from Guwahati along with the State’s agriculture minister Md. Abdul Nashir in the same flight. They alleged that he had remained incommunicado since then. The MLA’s mobile phone has been switched off for hours.

“Ashab Uddin had come along with our agriculture minister. When the two of them were coming out, the CISF segregated him and took him to a room. Later, when some people wanted to meet him, they were denied entry by the CISF,” Congress MLA Yengkhom Surchandra Singh told The New Indian Express.

“The BJP is playing such dirty games to wrest power. They are using the CISF to meet their political ends,” he alleged.
12/03/17 Prasanta Mazumdar/New Indian Express