Friday, March 24, 2017

Lack of certifying agencies hampers export of goods from Tiruchi airport

Tiruchi: Even as overseas air cargo movement has witnessed a robust growth, absence of certifying agencies for various commodities at Tiruchi has been a major factor hindering export of goods of diverse types from the international airport here.

Ever since the international air cargo terminal was commissioned in 2011, perishable commodities continue to occupy the lion’s share in respect of overseas cargo since then.

This is because of the presence of plant quarantine unit functioning at the airport providing certificate required for export of perishables.

Stakeholders say other than this unit there is no other certifying agency or laboratory connected with it in Tiruchi to enable export of other products such as food stuff, marine products, leather, pharmaceutical, handicrafts and spices.

All these products require separate no-objection certificate from the competent certifying agency.

Due to the absence of such certifying agencies at Tiruchi, exporters are forced to travel to Chennai to obtain the necessary certificate entailing time and cost.

This has restricted shippers in exporting only perishables by five overseas carriers – Air Asia, Sri Lankan Airlines, Tiger Airways, Air India Express and Malindo Air.
Keeping in mind the fast growing nature of Tiruchi international airport both in terms of overseas passenger and freight traffic, it is high time that certifying agencies are set up at Tiruchi having proximity with 14 districts in the central and southern region, say stakeholders and exporters.
23/03/17 R Rajaram/The Hindu