Saturday, March 04, 2017

Robot to greet passengers at Coimbatore international airport

Coimbatore: Passengers at Coimbatore international airport were pleasantly surprised on Friday when they were greeted by a robot at the security check-in counter. Fondly called NAO, it is an identical twin of Lakshmi, the country's first banking robot. NAO now speaks and understands English, but will soon be programmed to interact in 19 Indian and 17 foreign languages.
Powered by Artificial Intelligence and an autonomous licence and an autonomous software, NAO can also dance, play games, ask questions, sense your touch, sit and walk. Ask it about flight delays and timings, which boarding gate to go to or recreational facilities at the airport, and he will help you with the information. Officials at the airport said children and elders were the most happy. "While the youth are always hooked to their phones, children and elders are the ones who find NAO very helpful. A group also seen playing quiz with the robot," said an officer. The robot is equipped with facial recognition and can even grasp anything you give it. "We will programme it in such a way that it will hand over the boarding passes to the passengers," said Vijay V Shah of Vishnu Engineering who assembled the robot.
04/03/17 Komal Gauthami/Times of India