Friday, March 31, 2017

SpiceJet Awarded Six Routes Under Regional Connectivity Scheme

SpiceJet, the country’s favourite low-cost carrier, was today awarded 6 proposals and 11 routes under the first phase of the Government of India’s UDAN Regional Connectivity Scheme, the airline said.

Out of the six finalised proposals, four will be to Adampur, Kandla, Pondicherry and Jaisalmer whereas two will be for underserved markets of Porbandar and Kanpur.

Under the UDAAN scheme, airlines will get a subsidy of a few thousand rupees per passenger depending on the length of the route. The scheme is meant to help connect poorly connected cities.

SpiceJet will be serving 6 airports by operating flights on the routes of Adampur–Delhi-Adampur, Kandla–Mumbai-Kandla, Pondicherry–Hyderabad-Pondicherry, Mumbai-Porbandar, Jaisalmer– Jaipur-Jaisalmer and Kanpur– Delhi-Kanpur.

Under the scheme, SpiceJet has three years exclusivity on the routes which makes it the only airline to operate on these sectors.
30/03/17 Trisha Thomas/Ultra