Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Spicejet vs Vistara: Which airline should women fly?

Vistara said on Tuesday that they will offer ‘preferred seating’ to women travelling alone in honour of ‘International Women’s Day,’ from March 8 onward.

“Our customers can pre-select their preferred seats during booking, after booking through the ‘manage my booking’ feature, as well as during web check-in,” Vistara said.

In addition the airline said that even if the woman traveller has not pre-selected a preferred seat while booking the airline said that they will ensure only a window or an aisle seat will be assigned at check-in.

“In addition, uniformed Vistara staff will be available at the baggage claim area holding #VistaraWomanFlyer Arrivals Assistance placards, to assist women travelers with their luggage and with the booking of airport-authorized taxis, as well as escort such customers up to the taxi stand upon their request,” Vistara added.

A Vistara spokesperson confirmed that the female customers will not have to pay any extra charge for the preferred seating.

On Tuesday, budget carrier Spicejet also announced the launch of a ‘unique’ initiative for solo women travellers on its airline.

“In a unique initiative, rendering special attention to its female passengers travelling all by themselves, 8th March 2017 onwards SpiceJet will be reserving the whole of its 4th row for its solo women passengers,” Spicejet said.
Further the company added that in case of a full flight scenario, women travellers will be allotted only aisle and middle seats under ‘preferred seating,’ while the men take the window seats.

The airline also announced a free upgrade to solo women travelers to avail of ‘SpiceMax’ if it was available only on March 8.
08/03/17 ZeeBiz