Friday, April 28, 2017

150 Delhi-bound Air India passengers stranded at Pune airport for 8 hours

Around 150 passengers of a Delhi bound flight of Air India (AI) faced a harrowing time at the Pune airport on Wednesday evening after it got delayed by more than eight hours.
The Pune-Delhi flight (AI-850) was scheduled to depart at 6.50pm but could not take off due to a technical snag. The passengers were accommodated in another flight, which departed around 3.30am on Thursday evening.
The inordinate delay inconvenienced passengers, many of whom were elderly.
"My parents were on their way to Delhi to catch a connecting flight to Chicago where my elder brother stays. My father is 61. He is diabetic and also has severe spondylitis. But in spite of his ailments, he had to wait for long for the flight to take off. Due to the delay, my parents missed the Chicago flight, which was scheduled to depart from Delhi at 2am on Thursday ," said Hasib Shaikh, a doctor at the city-based Jehangir Hospital.
What made matters worse was that there was no information from the airline's offices in Pune and Delhi. "Initially I came to know from my parents that there was a 40-minute delay. Later, when I checked online, I found that the flight had already departed. I called my mother to check but she told me that they were still at the airport. When I called up the Air India helpline number, I was initially told that the flight was in the air. When I informed them that the flight had not departed, they finally said a relief flight will arrive from Delhi and my parents will be accommodated in that flight," Dr Shaikh said.
Many people voiced their grievances on Twitter. Sudeep Dube, a passenger, tweeted tag ging the ministry of civil aviation, "Pune-Delhi AI passengers stranded at Pune airport until 2.30am. No assistance from AI."
28/04/17 Joy Sengupta/The Times Of India