Thursday, April 20, 2017

Air India wants hefty fines for unruly passengers who delay flights

Air India has announced it will start fining unruly passengers who delay flights when they refuse to comply with protocol or act out. And the fines are pretty hefty.
According to The Times of India, the airline is planning to fine 5 lakh Rupees ($A10,280) for delaying a flight up to an hour, 10 lakh Rupees ($A20,560) for delaying a flight between one and two hours and 15 lakh Rupees ($A30,840) for delaying a flight for more than two hours.
The airline has taken these drastic measures after several incidents involving members of parliament.
Just last month, one MP beat a 60-year-old staffer with a pair of sandals when he was refused an upgrade.
And another delayed a flight when her wheelchair-bound mother refused to move from an emergency exit row when requested, as per the airline rules.
Air India says its fine is not based on actual damage caused or losses incurred, but will be a “symbolic amount” to deter unruly flyers from acting out.
In January, Air India was ranked the third worst airline internationally in terms of on-time performance, based on the findings of aviation insights company, FlightStats.