Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cargo import facility opens at Trichy airport

A dedicated cargo import facility at the Trichy airport was inaugurated on Friday. The much awaited facility was set up on 190 sqm at a cost of Rs20 lakh, keeping in mind future imports through the airport.
The airport has handled 7,000 tonnes of export cargo during 2016-17, while imports have been grossly neglected despite having potential. As of now, Trichy airport receives an average 4 tonnes of cargo per month whereas the total import for 2016-17 stands at 52 tonnes.
The initiative has been widely praised, but observers who point on the pivotal role of customs department in encouraging imports.
Saying that imports were not promoted all these years from Trichy airport, H Ubaidullah, honorary member of Trichy intra-city development endeavour (Tides),said, "It is now in the hands of customs to encourage imports which will generate revenue to both the customs department and the airport."
"Moreover, imports and exports are done manually at Trichy airport in the absence of electric data interface (EDI). Efforts should be made to ensure EDI in Trichy," he said.
Meanwhile, steps are likely to be taken to begin courier operations from Trichy airport. An important announcement is likely to be made in a couple of weeks. Additional Commissioner of Customs Trichy V Siva Kumar while inaugurating the import facility told airport officials that the much awaited courier operation would be notified by the customs department.
22/04/17 The Times Of India