Friday, April 28, 2017

First Kishangarh-Delhi flight likely from July 1

There will be daily air flight from newly built Kishangarh airport of Ajmer to New Delhi from 1 of July. There will also be to and fro flights to Udaipur and daily basis and holy city of Ajmer will be link by air services to different cities of the country. The airport here got international code as VIKG from international civil aviation institute of Canada and simply waiting for compulsory license and clearance.
The C-9 six seater aircraft on Thursday morning landed at Kishangarh airport to test the landing system here. The Zoom Air has released the schedule of daily flight from New Delhi to Kishangarh and said that they are trying to start more flights from different destinations, especially from Mumbai, "We have made survey and planning and found that Ajmer is a good destination for aviation services because of Sufi dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty and only Brahma Temple at Pushkar" said Koustav M. Dhar, Chief Executive Officer and director of Zoom Air.
He said that they have high speed aviation with fifty seats all business class and the rent from Kishangarh to Delhi will be two thousand and about 45 minutes travelling between these two destinations costing two thousand rupees. Another daily flight will be from Kishangarh to Udaipur and it will take 25 minutes costing fifteen hundred rupees.
28/04/17 The Times Of India