Friday, April 28, 2017

Flight check-in at two Metro stations

In a bid to promote check-in facility from Airport Metro Express, the DMRC, Delhi airport operator, airlines and travel portals are going to organise a grand Metro check-in facility week on June this year.

Vistara Airlines is exploring the possibilities to adopt the facility in a big way and is likely to start the operations from both New Delhi Railway Station and Shivaji Stadium Metro Station. This facility would help many airport-bound passengers who can now check-in at these two city centres for their convenience. So far, limited city check-in facility was available for Air India and Jet Airways passengers only at the New Delhi station of the Airport Express Line.

According to the sources, a meeting was held recently in which the DMRC, airport operator, airlines officials and travel portals, discussed to explore the possibilities of promoting the check-in facility from Airport-Metro express.

"The grand metro check-in facility week will be celebrated from June 6 to 9.

This move will aim at popularising the premier line connecting the city to the airport. All the stakeholders, airlines, ministry officials and travel portals officials are likely to participate in the event.
28/04/17 Sunil Thapliyal/The Asian Age