Friday, April 28, 2017

NFK Club members to learn aeromodelling

Aiming at creating aviation awareness among children of the city, Aerovision will conduct an aeromodelling workshop-cum-guest lecture for members of Nagpur for Kids Club at Nagpur University ground from 4.30 pm to 7pm on Sunday.
This workshop shall give children an insight in the world of aerospace and help them understand about the beauty of aeromodelling. The workshop is based on the theme of flight without formulae, which aims at reducing classroom type teaching and includes practical approach towards the subject.
The event is divided into two segments, guest lecture and workshop. In the first segment, Rajesh Joshi, representative of Aerovision, shall present a lecture to the children explain the different models of aeromodelling. Explanation regarding five types of aeromodels — paper plane, walk along glider, balsawood chuck glider, rubber powered aeromodel and catapult glider — shall be given to the children.
In the second segment, the students shall make the balsawood chuck glider with the help of demonstrators from Aerovision India.
Nilambari R Joshi, in-charge of Aerovision India, said, "Aeromodelling acts as the starting point for pilots and aeronautical engineers. The history of aeromodelling goes way back than that of airplanes, acting as the starting roots in the development of the modern day planes."
28/04/17 The Times Of India