Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Carjackers snatched SUV near airport

Delhi/NCR: A new ford Endeavour SUV was waylaid by carjackers near the airport on Tuesday. Jeevan Yadav, the driver of SUV went to the airport to pick up the owner’s son and waiting outside the airport.

Jeevan Yadav told the police that he went to airport around 3pm to pick the businessman’s son and parked the car near NH8. He said that he was cleaning the windshield of the car when a man approached him and held a pistol against his waist.

“He threatened to shoot me and asked me to enter the vehicle from driver’s end and two other men entered the SUV. I was not able to see where they were taking me,” said Yadav. “They threatened to shoot him if he raised an alarm. After almost an hour they stopped the car near Hari Nagar Ghanta Ghar, lifted him by his collar and pushed him out of the vehicle,” he added.
24/05/17 New Delhi Times