Thursday, May 25, 2017

Civil aviation dept’s letter blasts off from future, lands in present

We all know bureaucracy moves at snail’s pace. But sometimes it can still amaze you with its ‘post-dated’ communication. And you thought there were only post-dated cheques? Mirror correspondent filed an RTI application with Director of Civil Aviation, which dispatched a reply on ‘May 26’. The reply reached Mirror on May 24, with request to remain present for a meeting with a civil aviation official on May 25.

And the letter was unsigned by the director though the letter showed him to be the undersigned. Director of Civil Aviation Captain Ajay Chauhan served as a helicopter pilot and has over 25 years of experience in the aviation industry. In addition, he is also an MBA from one of the prestigious management institutes in the country. An RTI application was filed by Mirror correspondent on February 20 asking for several public documents pertaining to developments in the aviation sector.
25/05/17 Ahmedabad Mirror